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Equipment & Gear

We use only industrial grade analog and digital audio system components for large and small arenas providing excellent sound reenforcement for vocal announcements and all types of music. These are the core components used for every event: 

  • Dual Numark V7's to retire our tried and true Technics SL1200MK2's

  • Custom build i7 Intel quad core chassis mounted computer performing with Serato with video support

  • Dual backup Macbook Pro laptops for audio & video

  • Rane MP24 Mixer

  • Rane ME15 EQ

  • Dual EV Q99 Power Amplifiers

  • Shure Dual Diversity Wireless Mic system

  • 4 JBL 18' bottoms with discrete mids/tweeters

  • 4 Alto Professional 2 way 15" tops

  • Alto Professional Dual 18" subwoofers

  • Horn compression tweeters & mids

  • Custom bass resonators

  • Sequential overhead border lights, strobe, and mirror ball DMX intellgent controlled

  • Custom light cabinets with 4 par border lights, blacklights, eclipse RBG with laser effects, rotocopter pin beams, and mirror ball pin beams

  • Dual American DJ X-Move Intelligent moving heads

  • Custom modified road cases for all gear with locking casters for fast loading in and out of the event

  • Equipment skirts for all crowd facing equipment for an elegant presentation for all event types


DJ In Action (In The Mix)

When we are playing for the crowd in an open format, here is what goes on behind the scenes to ensure smooth beat mixing and continuous music for the entire event! We use a custom cue monitor so we can hear the mix relation in real time allowing for room dynamics like echo and phase alignment. Typically only the DJ can hear the cue mix in relationship to the main mix that the audience hears, in this behind the scenes video, you get to hear what the DJ hears to get the song mix in line and create a seemless mix experience!


Time Lapse System Setup

Here is a time lapse video from walking in the door to a ready to go sound and lighting system. Every location and time duration is different, but this is a good example of a event venue with 2nd floor access using an elevator for loading in and out of the venue. It took about approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes which isn't to long, but certainly not short either!