Holiday Events both require a special touch and experience due to the nature of a RI-DJ-Services-ABPDJS Holiday Eventbusiness sponsored event vs. a consumer event. We understand the logistics of maintaining a professional decorum while being able to provide a good time for all company employees.


Holiday Event Details

Contact Us About Your Holiday Event and we respond by email or give us a call at 401-727-4514.

ABP ensures that everyone will have a great time by using the following proven services:

  • Request slips on the tables allowing employees input on their song choices

  • Request kiosks for song requests

  • Elegant Dance Floor Lighting / Effects to keep the dance floor energized

  • Proven emcee skills to motivate people to dance and have fun

  • Proper song choices that are clean and avoid inappropriate lyrics or behavior

  • Proper volume control

  • Coordination with hall staff to get people up dancing and having fun quickly after dinner and awards

  • Professional grade High Power Audio

Holiday Events can be defined in multiple ways and we do not want to "limit" what a Holiday Event means, since ABP has done hundreds of Holiday Events of all types, the following is just a short list but NOT limited to:


  • Company picnics

  • 4th of July Events

  • BBQ Events

  • Memorial day Events

  • Halloween Events

  • New Year's Events

  • Office Events

  • Retirement Events

  • Cruise ships

We realize that having a great time is priority one. We provide the entertainment that will keep everyone in a professional but relaxed mode so they can report to the office on Monday morning raving about what a great time they had!

ABP provides a wide variety of dinner music to keep an upbeat atmosphere while dinner is served, we can provide custom dinner music lists if there is a theme, or we can provide dinner music such as:

  • Smooth jazz

  • Contemporary

  • Instrumentals

  • Down tempo pop hits

After dinner and dessert is complete, we provide a wireless microphone with up to 1000 foot range for awards, prizes, or presentations.

Upon the completion of all announcements, formalities, and awards; we work with the venue to turn down the lights and then open the dance floor with highly recognizable songs to get people out of their chairs.

We field all appropriate requests and distribute request sheets on the table for employees to be able to submit their requests or they may choose to input their requests into our remote Kiosks to send requests to the DJ. These options provide the employees some direction of how they would like their event to progress. We are very careful to ensure only clean and appropriate songs are played, we avoid any songs and genres that are questionable or inappropriate for this venue type.

Other great feature we offer is our online playlist generator; this allows our clients to give us an idea of what your employees will want to hear to get them up out of their chairs and having a great time. It also allows us to review the songs for content and appropriateness allowing everyone to have a great event!

Our prices include setup and breakdown including travel up to 50 miles from the Providence RI area.