RI-MA-CT Wedding DJ & RI-MA-CT DJ Services & RI-MA-CT Disc Jockeys questions answers


Here you will find answers to questions that we've been asked over the years, please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions that are not listed here. There is no obligation or pressure from us to book anything until you are satisfied with the services that we can provide.

  1. Who will be the DJ at my function when I book the event with ABP?

  2. Do I need to put a retainer down on the event and is it refundable?

  3. When is payment due?

  4. What happens if the event needs to continue beyond the contract end time?

  5. How do you dress for the event?

  6. Do you work alone?

  7. How long does it take to set up and what time do you arrive?

  8. What are the methods of payment?

  9. What if I need to cancel the event?

  10. Can any of my guests perform on your equipment?

  11. Do you do Karaoke?

  12. Do you have any video equipment?

  13. Do you have a wireless Mic?

  14. Can you do functions that don't have a power source?

  15. Do you have lighting?

  16. How long have you been in business?

  17. Do you have liability insurance and why is it needed?

1.  Who will be the DJ at my function when I book the event with ABP?

As the owner and operator of the company, Chris Bertrand, will be there to perform at your event. If I am already booked by another client when you are inquiring about services with ABP, I will offer you the option to use one of our partners who will represent ABP at your function. This option must be agreed upon before the contract is signed.

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2.  Do I need to put a retainer down on the event and is it refundable?

Yes, all events require a 50% retainer based on the event type and hours defined in the contract. All events require a signed contract between ABP and the client. The retainer is fully refundable up to 30 days  prior to the contract date.

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3.  When is payment due?

Payment is due immediately after the event is complete and before ABP leaves the event site. You may also pay in full prior to the event with full confidence by our legal binding written contract. All events require a written contract signed and dated by the event host for Aaron-Beach Productions to perform at your event.

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4.  What happens if the event needs to continue beyond the contract end time?

Our contract allows most events have an overtime option as described in the pricing section and play time can be dynamically added to the event end time if agreed upon by ABP and the client at the job site. The exception to this is if ABP is sequentially booked for the same day i.e. an afternoon and night wedding on the same date, in this situation the afternoon wedding will have no overtime option available since ABP must be on time for the night wedding. We are not required to provide overtime if there are circumstances beyond our control or if agreed upon by both ABP and the event host.

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5.  How do you dress for the event?

ABP believes in a professional presentation and will dress according to the agreed upon attire for the client's needs. This will be resolved prior to the contract signing.

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6.  Do you work alone?

As ABP's primary DJ, I work alone, but require 1-2 roadies to move, setup, and break down the equipment. The roadie(s) always remain on-site for the entire event for any needs of the primary DJ and/or the client. The roadie(s) also service as backups in the worse case of the primary DJ suddenly can not perform at the event for catastrophic reasons such as sickness or injury. The roadie's cost is built into pricing and is not a removable option.

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7.  How long does it take to set up and what time do you arrive?

Typically we arrive 1 hour prior to the event and it takes approximately 30 minutes to set up the entire system. That may not seem like a long set up time, but you must realize that the system is designed to use quick connects for fast setup and breakdown times. This ensures system stability and gets the system up and running quickly. To get an idea of what it takes to setup up, check out this video of a typical job setup: High Power Audio

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8.  What are the methods of payment?

We accept cash, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express), personal check (Verified & repeat customers only), certified USPS Post Office money orders, and PayPal.

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9.  What if I need to cancel the event?

You may cancel or reschedule your event anytime, however, to receive a retainer refund; you must cancel 30 days prior to the event. If you cancel less than 30 days, the retainer becomes non-refundable. You may reschedule your event to another open date if needed without forfeiting your retainer or additional charges, this is only possible if ABP has the rescheduled date and play time hours available.

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10.  Can any of my guests perform on your equipment?

Typically the answer is no, we do not allow anyone to run the system, however, there are very few special occasions where we will allow a known and vetted professional perform but only at the hosts request only!

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11.  Do you provide Karaoke services?

No, we do not provide Karaoke services nor are there any plans to do so. ABP has given Karaoke a serious look when it first arrived but found that the investment and added overhead did not match with our company services, therefore, we elected not to pursue Karaoke as an added service. We can provide referrals to several talented professionals who we have worked with in the past to add this service to your package. It will be up to you to execute a contract with them to perform in tandem with ABP services. We will coordinate with the Karaoke company to ensure we have a smooth integration making your event one to remember!

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12.  Do you have any video or multimedia equipment?

Yes! We have a total of 3 HD 1080p 15' diagonal video projection screens and 2 mobile ready 46" Samsung LCD 1080p TV's. Click here to see 2 of the 3 screens in action that can display a wide variety of media including:

  • Home videos

  • Music videos

  • Digital images

  • Analog sources

  • Digital sources

We also have 2 PTZ (Pan,Tilt, Zoom) video cameras that record the entire night and display the crowds interaction throughout the event on any of the projection screens and/or TV's based on the package you select!

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13.  Do you have a wireless Mic?

Yes, we use a Shure dual diversity Mic to ensure that we have crystal clear sound and long range to any customer that needs to address the crowd.

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14.  Can you do functions that don't have a power source?

Yes, we have invested a portable generator system that can power the entire sound and lighting system in remote areas that don't have power sources. An example of this type of event would be a tailgate party that is typically held in large field areas. Please keep in mind, if you opt to use this option, the generator is a "noise generator" and will be constantly heard in the background during "quite times" and something that we cannot control. Also realize that gas/exhaust fumes are also present while the generator is running, but typically the generator is kept far away to avoid exposure to the gas/exhaust fumes. Under normal music conditions, there shouldn't be any issues with generator noise. This option is only available for events that are completely outdoors and you must be able to provide a shaded area for the DJ to perform that is not in direct sunlight, the generator cannot be inside of any structure type regardless if the doors/windows are open.

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15.  Do you have dance floor lighting?

Yes, normally we always carry a Dance Floor Lighting / Effects that includes:

        • 6 bulb strength blacklights

        • 2 spinning helicopters

        • Dual 4 bank chase lighting

        • Dual audio chasing lasters

        • Sky cover imaging with laser overlays

        • Smoke machines

        • Strobes

        • Mirror ball with pin spots

        • Monogram projector

        • 2 intelligent lights with gobo effects

We are consistantly adding more light effects and lasers as time passes. This lighting architecture that we use will cover any small to large party event. All lighting is DMX controlled (making it intelligent) as well as audio controlled so it changes as the music plays and completely preprogrammed to run continously throughout the night. 

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16.  How long have you been in business?

ABP as a company has been in operation since 1975, The current owner, Chris Bertrand, has been a disc jockey since 1986. Check out our Company Biography page for more company past and present information.

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17.  Do you have liability insurance and why is it needed?

Yes, ABP carries a $2,000,000 liability insurance policy in the event of any type of accident at the event site. Typically the venue will also have liability insurance to cover its patrons. Many venues expect service providers to have insurance to play at the venue. It is in your best interest to inquire with the venue to ensure all your service providers are properly insured.

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