Rhode Island Disc Jockey Services Coyle & Cassidy Homecoming 2014

We were contacted to provide services for Coyle & Cassidy's homecoming dance. There were approximately 270 students in attendance.

The students started dancing as soon as they walked in the door ensuring a great time to be had. We had inflatable soccer balls that we dropped later in the night for added fun.

The students compiled a great playlist that we properly vetted and played some on the fly requests, everyone had a great time. The overhead inflated balloons dropped down and created a "popping" time where everyone was tossing them around and ultimately popping them creating a loud sequence of pops, it was hilarious!

We had a great time providing entertainment services for them, we look forward to working with them in the future!

NOTE: Video was recorded using 1080p handheld Sony camera at 24 frames. Converted to web format for proper streaming.